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Customization Facilities

Our Global Network and Communication System

We have been continually delivering highly reliable and advanced Crescent gears, power transmission gears & Crescent gear boxes and specialized services to our clients spread across the globe. We cater to a wide cross section of industries in the US, Germany, UK and to a host of other countries.

Inorder to respond to the dymanic needs of customers who represent a wide range of global industries, we have structured our business operations. We function through a global network of authorized sales and service centers, across numerous markets and applications.

Moreover, in a world where the Internet and on-line communications have changed the way people do business, we have actualized a global communication network where distributors and customers are connected on-line and in real-time with our logistics center and main inventory centers. Our distribution centers are efficiently networked so that each order can be tracked through the network, assuring accurate delivery times and schedules

Integrated Facilities

We are a leader in the manufacture of power transmission product i.e., gears for varied industries and have consistently spearheaded significant new developments in this field. Further, we have set new standards in the production process of these gears & components. Our integrated process of operation has enabled us to meet the demanding notes of this intensely competitive industry. From R&D to team inter-action, from production to packaging & shippment our functions are integrated into a streamlined process which enables us to meet industry dead-lines.

We emphasize on research and development to upgrade ourselves in both, technology & industry knowledge. Our team includes experts in the field of science, engineering, software and service technologies. Since our inception, we have become synonymous with innovative technology and cutting edge solutions in gears & power transmission products.

Our production units equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and present-day technology are in operation consistently, in order to provide customers with the components of their specification. All our work-force are trained professionals and approach their work with dedication & determination.

Custom Manufacturing

OEM / Private Labeling With a well-equipped production unit & support system that facilitates private labelling assignments, we manufacture Original Equipment as per the design, dimensions & other specifications required by our customers. We also offer packaging services that can be customized as per the requirements of our customers.

We understand & know the significance of the integral role we play in the production line of our customers. Through effective control and management of our production processes, we maintain a high level of flexibility that empowers us to handle diverse production requirements. By streamlining our operational methods, we are able to maintain fast-turn around times which go a long way in enhancing the speed and productivity of our client's operations.

Contract Manufacturing & Customization We have over the years gained vast experience in the design, development & manufacture of crescent gears, crescent bevel gears, spur gears, industrial helical gears and crescent industrial gearboxes. The expertise we have gained providing application-specific products to our customers has stood us in good stead and empowered us with the capability to provide power transmission products of diverse complexities.

At Sokhi, we understand that our customers require unique customized products, tailored to their specific needs and hence we have geared ourselves to develop customized products for our clients. We specialize in identifying the exact application requirements & needs of our clients and developing products that meet these needs.

Our advanced manufacturing facilities & streamlined production processes ensure consistent adherence to established quality standards in all our products. Our expertise in product design also empowers us to provide clients with product designing services for developing products as per their need. We also offer end-to-end solutions in custom product development.
Custom Manufacturing

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